"the Result of, Caring, Dreaming, Believing, Expecting,

Providing more than others think is Possible."



The foundation for The Lauffin Group (TLG) was established in 1984 when Diamond Lauffin entered the computer industry and launched his first non-direct VAR /System Integrator sales model. Between 1984 and today Lauffin and his partners have established a reputation for creating and building some of the most dynamic sales models and go-to-market strategies in the IT industry.

In the early 90's, with a small team modeled on productivity and efficiency, Lauffin created and introduced a singularly unique program that came to be referred to as "The Lead Registration Program". This program was the catalyst that produced a level of loyalty and support from an indirect sales channel that was unparalleled for a small company. Within a short period of time, and with only a handful of salespeople and no outside offices, Lauffin's program proved to be extremely effective and was credited with providing the rapid financial growth and worldwide market acceptance that contributed to a successful IPO for the company.

In 2001, as the co-founder of Nexsan Technologies North America, Lauffin once again came under the watchful eye of industry peers, VARs, System Integrators, and OEM's as well as industry journalists, analysts and the financial investment community. The question was raised - will the go-to-market approach developed around one technology platform recognize the same level of success when transferred to another? With a small sales staff and a marginal cost of sale, Lauffin again established that his model was fundamentally universal and simply worked.

Many industry veterans were amazed that by mid-2006 the group had sold over 15,000 systems to 4,000 customers worldwide establishing a market position envied by many, yet understood by few.

The Lauffin Group has been built around an established team of veterans directly responsible for envisioning, pioneering, and introducing multiple new market segments and industry-changing technologies over the last decade.

Today, the TLG team offers expert capabilities in creating, developing, educating, implementing, managing, and consulting on a wide range of business-specific topics that span multiple industries and markets on a global scale.

We welcome you to The Lauffin Group.  

General Services:

  • Channel Sales, Consultation, Customer Acquisition, Development, Management

  • The Perfect Pitch • Creation • Positioning • Delivery and Close •

  • Opportunity Exclusivity, Deal Registration Management Training, Development and Application Software •
  • The Virtual Office

  • The Video Presenter:                  Video Based Sales Presentations, Company and Product Positioning, Training • Installation • Maintenance

  • Targeted Vertical Expansion

  • Outbound Call Center • Creation, Management and Service

  • Sales Training

  • Conference Seminars        

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Perception Protection